Sunday, July 15, 2007

Who the Hell Is My Neighbor, Anyway?

Like many of those who visit here, I have a penchant for hanging about with the priest who is mad and many of his cohort. I also have a tiny little addiction to one Very Conservative Website, which, with your help, I am trying to lick. There has unfolded over the last week and a half a drama in which a wonderful, liberal, out lesbian Episcopal priest has been vilified and attacked repeatedly for something she posted on her blog, which she removed a short time later, after reconsidering her words. (I'm not posting links, because I am a damned coward. I don't want That Crowd finding me.)

Aforementioned priest has just returned home from a mission trip, in which she went to one of the most impoverished nations in the west and worked to build places of respite and enjoyment for children. While she was gone, the Forces For Good were busy trying to utterly demolish her life.

This week's gospel is the parable of the good Samaritan. Do you suppose any of the folks over at The Place Where the Righteous Live have ever read it? You know, that story in which Jesus tells an orthodox individual that the person he despises the most in the world is the one who is closest to the kingdom? You know, because, the Samaritan doesn't just quote scripture, but actually lives out God's commandments of love?

Just wondering.


Analyse said...

UGG!!! This kind of thing drives me INSANE too. It bothers me how some people pick and choose from the Bible. It is so disheartening how they can treat others "all in the name of Christ". Don't you know this must hurt God's heart?

KJ said...

The current uproar required me to take a break from "frigid doctrine trumps Gospel" this week. I am apparently not addicted since I have had no adverse reactions. If my stomach hurts before I go there, I don't go.

I have realized something about myself and faith through my interactions there.

When I share my faith with those who do not believe and my experiences with those who believe and value me, I leave that interaction changed, encouraged, strengthened -- I know a bit more about being like Christ through the experience.

When I interact with those for whom correct doctrine is the highest calling and who reject me, I leave the exchange with nothing, and as a follower of Christ, have gained nothing that furthers my walk.

As I wrote "there" recenlty, is it any wonder that God has raised up GLBT believers to be the face of Christ to GLBT who may not yet be followers of the Way. Without us, the church would be offering them nothing, and in fact, stealing parts of them away.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Generally, I don't go there. This week I tried a couple of times, but I could not get to the comments. Do you now have to register to see them, or do they close them down sometimes?

I find the site is so boring, that, honestly, Cecelia, I could not get addicted.

My hat's off to you, KJ, for trying to engage them, but I don't think they're persuadable at all.

Suzer said...

On another blog where some of those folks came to try and discuss the situation while Rev. K. was gone, I suggested using the F word -- Forgiveness. Apparently, the poster who was harassing this particular progressive lady's blog took no notice of my suggestion. He was too hell bent on crucifixion.

Go figure.

Muthah+ said...

Closet sistah, I know the Viagraville folks in real time. If they had been really challenged by the bishop they would never have been ordained. She sops up whatever he says. He is a product of Campus Crusade and she grew up in Africa. Neither of them ever really knew the Episcopal Church before they went to seminary. It is shame because they might have been either caught before ordination if we had had a good process in the diocese.

I do not read their %^(&. It is hard to be inside the closet and have that kind of meme bouncing around inside there with you.

Matt and Anne produce the kind of stuff that really draws us like people rubber necking at a deadly accident. It is calculated to draw us into fight. Then they can blame it on you because their stuff is so full of it. But evil is addictive. I am not saying "just say NO", I am just saying you don't have to go there. Stay in the place where Christ tells you God loves you as you are.

Jan said...

Today our priest preached on the Samaritan finding a man half-dead, and how we need to see all the half-dead people we meet each day and see to their needs. Seeing each as he/she is. Help us, Lord.

A FRIEND said...

Send American dollars (lots of) to the usual address and not a mention of this post (with link) will appear on the priest who is mad's blog.

Cecilia said...

Thank you, Friend! Your discretion is, as usual, deeply appreciated.

Pax, C.

Anonymous said...

As I posted over at the Mad One's, the paradox that a religion based ostensibly on redemption and forgiveness should produce those unwilling to allow either is quite an irony.

But then, I'm the atheist, what do I know?


Kate said...

You can't help them see the light -- nobody can, though I know and understand the temptation to try. All you can do is be a good neighbor yourself, which you're already doing.

klady said...

I've had a hard time letting this one go, perhaps because I accidentally caught it all from the very beginning and then could foresee precisely what would happen given who all was involved. But what a horror to see it unfold, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day. Every time I thought it was going to finally die down, if not sputter out, one of the ringleaders would come in with barely new material and torches for starting the bonfires up again. It's made me quite distracted and almost ill, but it's been hard to pull away from. It just seems to confirm the worst of what so-called religious strife can descend to, all the reasons that formerly secular-humanist me stayed away from churches for many years. I should know better than that -- both to stay away and to not allow myself to think that those folks are typical of anything -- but it's been difficult to crawl out of.

So, such is my confession of a poorly spent week trying to read and write and doing other things far more important. Special thanks to kj, who suggested elsewhere the Dr. Lewis Smedes video. It almost made me cry, it was so good, someone speaking from mind and heart and above all with an intimate knowledge of God. It reminded me of how blessed I am and how good God is, even in the midst of all sorts of tragedies, ranging from internet witch hunts to horrific automobile accidents.

Sorry to ramble and leave so many prepositions dangling. It was nice for me to see someone write about all this somewhere without all the fire and gasoline, if you know what I mean. Thanks so much for speaking on this.

KJ said...


Dr. Smedes' account of his thinking and growth regarding GLBT believers makes me cry everytime. His passing, in my limited human understanding, was untimely, as he was an important voice on these matters in the Reformed Church.

Nina said...

It is not cowardice if you decide not to get kicked around to no good purpose.

Please don't call my friend Cecelia names. ;->