Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to School

In my house it is that time of year again. My son's books have started arriving for his fall semester... his university bookstore and Amazon are responsible for this. I watched him place the orders the other day... it took him about 13 minutes, a far cry from my (admittedly antediluvian) college experience of actually standing in line at the bookstore with my arms breaking. My daughter is more about the clothes than the books at the moment, but that's only because, as a high school student, she doesn't have access to her books just yet. (Where we live school starts after Labor Day).

I am in a back-to-school mood myself, with regard to the "program year" at church. This is the time to decide what bible studies, other adult ed opportunities, sermon series, youth activities, etc. will be offered this year (not my decisions alone, of course... we are all about shared ministry in my church). But one does have the feeling, when looking through the Cokesbury catalog, for example, that one is in a great big theological candy shop, and the possibilities are limitless.

Beloved and I have two trips planned as well, one by car and one by plane, in the first instance to have a few days alone in a great gay-friendly city and in the second to visit her daughter and grandchildren. When we get home, it will be back to school indeed, for all of us, Beloved included, as she has a seasonal business cycle too.

And so I am wondering: what will it be this year? What will the fall bring?


LittleMary said...

yes, it is that time, that back to the grind time. i am not sure if i am excited or not wanting anything to do with it. sigh.

Jan said...

Do you live where it FEELS like school starting? Here, in south TX, it is always too hot for me to relate to school, even though it is starting next Monday. Near 100 degrees for the first day?

So now in a way, you have grandchildren, too? How nice to see Beloved's children and grandchildren! Enjoy!

sharecropper said...

I'm with Jan; it's too hot to begin school. But, NC schools start in August also. Yesterday was over 100 here.

Have fun on your trips. I'll be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

This is move-in week for my university Lots of freshman trying to look cool; upperclassman knowing they look cool, athletes already here practising for fall sports with the BMOC strut.

Parents unloading boxes and kids looking mortified at the prospect that their parents will embarrass them somehow with a public display of affection.

The faculty who have been away greet each other loudly, and cheerfully try to top one another by describing the exotic places they have gone.

Alas, we scientists remain on campus all summer in our labs, so no exotic locale oneupsmanship. Now we have to cut back on the lab work and polish our syllabi. We sigh that our peaceful, sleepy campus, which is so pleasant in its summer somnolence, is stirring and starting to buzz with term-time activity...and not enough parking and too many bad drivers!


KJ said...

Stop, It. You're bringing a tear to me eye.

Standing in line with an armful of books and a head full of hope. *nostalgic sigh* Yes, those were the days, but I do loves me the Amazon.

I went to the University of Washington in the early 80s. While an undergrad, each quarter one had to go to "sections" in some cavernous subterranean space, stand in a line dedicated to some department or school, and register in person for each class, should the card for that class indicate an opening. Oy!

The digital age may not be all good, but it sure is darn close!

Cecilia said...

Little Mary, it will happen. And if it doesn't, that's something to think about, no?

Jan, it sure does feel like back to school here. We are already cooling down-- for us, that is. And yes, it is a little like having my own grandchildren... though there's nothing like that hungry "wanta munch-'em" look I see in Beloved's eyes!

Sharecropper, thanks for the bon voyage. Hope it cools down for you... that sounds beastly. (and we had that ourselves, not too long ago).

IT, I love school... always have, every single grade. You are making me nostalgic.

Don't mean to make you weep, kj. But the digital age has its rewards, no doubt.

Ta, friends.

Pax, C.

Grandmère Mimi said...

School and Sunday school have started for us here, but it's hot as hell. It was 95 degrees today, but it felt like over 100, with no afternoon shower to cool us off.

Cecilia, have two lovely trips, my dear.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Back-to-School time (from growing up in a college town?) We always loved it when "the students came back" because the streets were full of activity and everything was bright and promising.

I'd rather think about this than the "grind" part. But that's surely coming too.

Have a fabulous trip!

another closeted pastor said...

Thanks for all you write Celia. I miss all the flurry of activity that went with getting Kiddo off to school. He still goes, of course, he is a teacher now, but he has his own family and his own life and that activity is no longer a part of my life

Thanks for being out there for all of us too