Monday, September 10, 2007

Who Are You Again?

I wonder if anyone out there has ever had the experience of being introduced to someone, and having that person appear to have no idea who you are on next meeting... and to have this happen over and over again?

This has happened to me with a few of Beloved's fairly good friends and colleagues in her field, mostly because she has sheltered me and revealed our relationship to only her closest friends. There was one couple in particular-- two men who are lifelong partners, whom Beloved respects highly and for whom she has great affection. I have been introduced to them again and again at Beloved's place of business, in restaurants, at parties as "my friend Cecilia." But neither of them ever gave any clue that they had met me before.

Tonight (after a long and tiring day of home communions and planning sermons for the rest of the fall) I came home, made a pretty nice meal for my daughter and myself, and wrote up a quick shopping list. I left my daughter practicing her instrument and went to our local Mega-Grocery store. Coming out of the store, whom should I see but FGF1, standing outside of the store on the cell phone. As I approached, his face lit up, he smiled a huge smile, and said into the phone, "Friend, I've got to go, because there is a gorgeous, talented woman standing right in front of me, and I have got to talk to her!" I looked over my shoulder (really, I did) to see whether there was anyone else around, understood at last that he was talking about me, and possibly blushed just a bit. He hung up and opened his arms, indicating a desire for a hug.

"How are you?" he asked? I stammered something general and noncommital. "It was great to see you the other night." (I was out and about with Beloved and my daughter but I don't remember running into him). "Maybe I'll see you this weekend?" I shrugged and smiled, having absolutely no idea to what he is referring.

So... either FGF1 knows... as in, knows about Beloved and me, and so now I'm a member of the inner circle worthy of notice. Or.... he has completely confused me with someone else.

Don't know which of these options I prefer, actually.

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gartenfische said...

Hi. I'm new here and I'm enjoying your blog.

Yes, this happens to me frequently. SO annoying. I can understand someone not remembering my name, but the blank look always gets me. Over the past year, I've been introduced to one woman several times and every single time, she sticks out her hand and says, Hi, I'm Sue." I feel like saying, I know. Instead, I smile and say my name AGAIN.

It'll be interesting to see if FGF1 remembers you next time!