Sunday, April 15, 2007

Six Things Possibly Wierder Than Being a Closeted Pastor

Six Weird Things Meme - I've been tagged by Sharecropper and Catherine+! According to the rules I must:

1. Reveal six weird things about myself on your blog, and

2. Tag six people to do the same.

Wierd things about me... where to begin?

1. I recently came across two pictures of myself taken the same weekend in my sophomore year of college. In one I am wearing a demure, Pilgrim-esque gown and singing a solo (based on a poem by Mother Teresa) with the university chorale at a symphony hall not far from my alma mater. In the other I am wearing a beehive hairdo, grey makeup with black lipstick, a labcoat, safety pins in my ears and an electrical cord around my waist, as I head off to a punk-themed campus party. One girl, one weekend.

2. In my 20's I briefly sold health insurance for a living (no offense intended to anyone).

3. In seminary I loved Hebrew so much I wept, at two o'clock in the morning, when I translated this sentence: The sons of Jacob said to Joseph, We have an old father in the land of Canaan, for they did not know that Joseph was their brother.

4. When I was twelve I read an article in a teen magazine that said that leaving the house without earrings is like leaving the house naked. I took this information fully to heart and, to this day, cannot leave the house without earrings.

5. That said, I have a spiritual relationship with my jewelry. (I know, possible red-flag for idolatry here.) What I mean is that I choose my jewelry every day extremely carefully, for the spiritual message it conveys to the world. I always wear something given to me by my Beloved. I always wear some symbol of faith (and for me these extend beyond crosses-- I count trees as cross-symbols, and also as symbols of the Garden, the tree of knowledge of good and evil... also anything circular can symbolize the eternal nature of God). I almost always wear something I associate with my mother-- either a ring she gave me, or a ring or cameo that belonged to her mother.

6. I still haven't cleaned the mud from the shoes I wore to my mother's graveside service. It's been... a long time. More than a year.

I tag: Junia's Daughter, Cynthia, kj, Milton, Jan, and MoreCows!


We Do It Too said...

i am similar about my jewlery. I have a few different rules about what I must wear, but at times feel like a walking shrine to the dead. I put on whose memory and presence I need that day. My ex's mother, my aunt Mary, my mother, my Leila...and at times just things I bought for myself because I love myself. LM

Share Cropper said...

I also have a "thing" about jewelry, leaving the house without earrings makes me feel naked. But, I am more concerned that whatever I wear fits with how I look/feel that day. Then, like you, I jsut feel a need to link with my past and choose something that belonged to someone I love/loved.

KJ said...


You're right! Thos ARE weird things! :-)

Eileen, the heretical, Episcopali-Fem tagged me. My weirdness is posted over there since I don't have my own blog. Of course, I find my weirdness to be completely pedestrian. Not like yours at all!

Catherine + said...

Yes, Cecelia, I am a diehard Xena fan of the nth degree. And I do read fan fiction, some of which is really great and written well. You might try reading Hesed by Maytee Aspura y Gonzales. It was a web story and then she combined the three parts into the one. Hesed is a Hebrew word with a fascinating etimology. Check it out, my sister.