Sunday, June 17, 2007

They Preached to Me

I supplied a pulpit of another denomination than my own with my warm body, my exegesis, and a sermon that went through so many metamorphoses this week I was afraid it might have a frozen smile, like someone with too much Botox. It didn't, though.

May I just say, "Thank You God for people who nod and smile and even-- good, good Lord-- shout out an occasional 'Amen'"?

Three people from a search committee (by whom I have already been interviewed a number of times) came to hear me preach this morning. That added a frisson of anxiety, but, honestly, I wasn't sweating it.

Suddenly, this week, I believe in the call process. Abruptly, it occurs to me that people usually end up where they're supposed to be. So... I was free this morning to tell the congregation what I learned in my bible study this week, free to really pray for a word from God to them, a church for whom I will preach a total of two times. I was free not to have to preach my Best Sermon Ever. (I couldn't even pick that puppy out of a line-up at this point. Honestly. Haven't a clue).

And, this morning, I was free to receive the preaching of the congregation. I was free to be open to the Spirit of God as it moved among them, during a positively uproarious hymn and period of greeting one another, during a children's message for which one of my own offspring was recruited to act a part. I was free to experience a congregation that is so full of love for a departed pastor in a difficult transition that they prayed and wept for him un-self-consciously.

Before I stood to read the scripture, a sermon had already been preached and I had received its blessing. The rest... is whipped cream.


Share Cropper said...

How wonderful for you! I'm glad this day and this church has been a blessing. May you carry this blessing forward in your journey.

Aghaveagh said...

Oh, this sounds like a simply wonderful day!

And I am sure that soon you will find yourself (as the Shakers say) "in the place just right" and 'twill be the Valley of Love and Delight!

We Do It Too said...

sounds like an awesome day. you being you. love that. believe in teh call process? glad to hear you had that peace today. hold onto it.

Gannet Girl said...

What a wonderful experience.

Kate said...

Sounds like a good day, hun.

Alex said...

What a gorgeous post.