Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Advent 10: The Radically Political Season

The depletion of a contemporary recognition of the radically political character of Advent is in large measure occasioned by the illiteracy of church folk about the Second Advent and, in the mainline churches, the persistent quietism of pastors, preachers, and teachers about the Second Coming. That topic has been allowed to be preempted and usurped by astrologers, sectarian quacks, and multifarious hucksters. Yet it is impossible to apprehend either Advent except through the relationship of both Advents.

-William Stringfellow


aka The Swandive said...

love. this. quote.
"Multifarious hucksters" - perfect! brilliant!

Cecilia said...

I know. Certain pictures are forming in my mind.

Jane R said...

I loves me some Stringfellow. I've been on a campaign to revive him in his and my church (Episcopal). We ignore him. Too radical. Thanks for this quote, Cecilia. Vintage Stringfellow!

And he was talking about the powers waaaay before Walter Wink. He loved the book of Revelation, too. No way to get the edge off his writing. It is sharp and challenging. No anesthesia in there, that's for sure.