Thursday, December 18, 2008

Advent and Politics: Still Waiting

President-Elect Barack Obama has selected Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, author of the Purpose-Driven publishing juggernaut, to give the invocation at the inauguration on January 20.

This might be a sign of Senator Obama's desire to be a big-tent president, welcoming the views of many as he forms policies. This might be a sign of his desire not to play politics with religion. (Alas, it could also be a sign of the very opposite.)

But it is hard, as a lesbian who remains closeted because in neither church nor state am I protected or valued, to hear this news. This man enthusiastically endorsed Proposition 8. This man compares homosexual "lifestyles" to those of pedophiles. This man uses the gospel of Jesus Christ to do harm to me and all my LGBTQ sisters and brothers.

So it is hard news to hear, that our new president, who endorsed the Defense of Marriage Act, and who opposed Proposition 8 and rode to victory on the backs of those who defeated it, is including this man, who won't include us. It is hard news.

We are still waiting.

For more, see John Shuck's post and links.


LittleMary said...

this makes me very sad. ugh.

Choralgirl said...

Yeah. Sigh.

St Edwards Blog said...

Well you know how I feel if you have been to John Shuck's. (i am here in my other identity, but i think you know who this is.)

Cecilia said...

St Edwards... I don't, actually. Give a hint?