Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good Colleagues

I have just come home from a lovely dinner party, consisting of three colleagues in ministry, and I am so deeply and joyfully refreshed.

It's hot here. As I did my errands this afternoon I wondered how I would feel by evening... would I be too tired to even enjoy this?

I am so glad I went.

About a month ago, a dear friend in ministry contacted me and one other friend (whom I do not yet know as well), asking whether we would like to set a regular time to get together. Maybe we would study, maybe we would read a book together, or watch a video series we are all interested in. As plans materialized we realized we wanted to have dinner together too.

Tonight found us in Dear Friend's beautiful home, eating a salad almost completely from her garden, a crustless broccoli quiche, and (for the others) a fragrant loaf of cheese bread. (There was also wine, which I am presently unable to enjoy). We had no program other than enjoying one another's company. It was exquisite. Beautiful friends, similar outlooks on our work, very different life stages for each of us. But what a true (if brief) sabbath it was. I can't wait to do it again.


Songbird said...

Sounds lovely, glad you had this evening together.

Anonymous said...

It seems that sometimes we obtain the greatest joy from simple things upon which we do not place high expectations. And those experiences are always sweeter because they have exceeded our expectations. May your life always be full of moments like these.

Jan said...

This sounds so very nice. How wonderful that you friends have committed to a regular time together.

FranIAm said...

That sounds great!

Jones said...

enjoying the company of others is such a sweet thing..glad you were able to have some time to enjoy it.

KJ said...

An incarnational encounter.

Yesterday morning at coffee I got to explain that concept to a friend of mine, an atheist. The day before, I had had lunch with a longtime acquaintance and co-worker who had left the area prior to my big (Well, big to me.) coming out in '99. This acquaintance is a conservative Christian and belongs to a conservative denomination. During this get together, the time to come out had arrived as she noticed the wedding band I wear. So, I told my story. Blank stare -- uh huh, uh huh -- no questions -- no emotional response, positive or otherwise. Afterwards, I was exhausted.

In contrast, coffee with my "pagan", atheist friend was like a refreshing swim on a hot summer day, and we could speak of all matter of things, of faith, or not, freely. I left the encounter a better person.