Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Marvelous Peace of God

After having read this post at Wounded Bird, I was strongly reminded of one of my favorite hymns. It seems to speak the truth of those who are putting their lives on the line for Jesus' new vision of an open table...

They cast their nets in Galilee just of the hills of brown;
such happy simple folk before the Lord came down.
Contented, peaceful fishermen, before they ever knew
the peace of God that filled their hearts brimful, and broke them too.

Young John who trimmed the flapping sail, homeless in Patmos died.
Peter who hauled the teaming net, head down was crucified.
The peace of God it is no peace, but strife closed in the sod.

Yet let us pray for just one thing the marvelous peace of God.


W said...

Cecilia, I wonder if you've heard about the Shower of Stoles Project:

If you ever feel ecclesiastically isolated, it's a good way to join virtually with others who should feature in a hymn like the one you mentioned.

Re the post before this one, my prayers for your and your partner's safety.

Aghaveagh said...

This is just lovely. BTW, I would like to put you on my blog roll, if it is ok with you. I can put you down just as Cecilia, if you like...

Caminante said...

That hymn always brings me to tears. I usually have it as the sequence/gradual hymn to keep me in check. 'The peace of God it is no peace....'

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Cecilia---I listed you on my blogroll without asking. My bad! Do you mind? And if you want to be on there, how do you want me to name you?


Cecilia said...

weiwen, thanks for the information about Shower of Stoles... it sounds like a truly worthy project!

Aghaveagh and Paige, of course you are welcome to put me on your blogroll... I am honored. "Cecilia" is fine, "Closeted Pastor" is fine...

Caminante, I too cry. Every time.

Pax, C.

Catherine said...

I put you on my blogroll because it would be an honor to have you there and I have you listed by your blog' name. I have always loved the name Cecilia so imagine it as a bouquet on my humble blog! :-) I feel the need to make you smile and feel comforted, loved and accepted. I hope you do with all of us here visiting. I know I would be equally honored to meet you in person speak to such a humble and lovely soul face to face. You are not on this road alone, dear one. We walk with you walk with us.