Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I've been tagged by lj Here's what I have to do:
*I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
*Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
*People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
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1. The last rock concert I went to was the Dave Matthews Band, with both my children and a friend of theirs. Except for the rampant substance abuse (including onstage, apparently) I loved every minute of it.

2. The first rock concert I went to was George Harrison, the Dark Horse tour. There was also rampant substance abuse there (as well as in the car in which I was traveling, God help me).

3. I have seen the Indigo Girls four times-- which makes me an only moderately enthusiastic fan, as, apparently, it's a given that their fans follow them around like crazy. But I do love them. (But you could have guessed that, probably).

4. The next concert I will see will be Lucinda Williams. I'm taking Beloved for her birthday. Shhhhhhh!

5. My current favorite song is from the musical that just won the Tony award, "Spring Awakening." It's called "The B#*@h of Living" and it is about the torment of being an adolescent. It also rocks. Go here for the music video...

6. If I had to choose just one classical composer to listen to for the rest of my life it would be Brahms, no question, and I would be perfectly happy. String quartets, clarinet quintet, solo piano works, symphonies, art songs-- there's not a work in his repertoire that I couldn't listen to over and over. Here are the lyrics to my favorite art song,
Immer leiser wird mein Schlummer....

My slumber grows ever more peaceful;
and only like a thin veil now does my anxiety
lie trembling upon me.
Often in my dreams I hear you
calling outside my door;
no one is awake to let you in,
and I wake up and weep bitterly.

Yes, I will have to die;
another will you kiss,
when I am pale and cold.
Before the May breezes blow,
before the thrush sings in the forest:
if you wish to see me once more,
come, o come soon!

7, On my iPod right now: "An' Another Thing," Dave Matthews (solo album)

Rain for me oh you but called me
It’s my broken heart just where you leave me
Now I say to you, “ooooh boy.”

Weight on my head
You won’t go up, oh
Weight on my head
Oooh ooh my babe...

Stay a minute just to hear you waitin’,
And no one confine her
Sweet and tender won’t you go out again?

Oh, rain on my head
Wouldn’t you
Rain on my head?
Oh, someone take off a
Weight all alone

Ahh, I met a girl recently.
All in a sudden, all a suddenly
Nobody deal for the woe of the world
Wait, all a sudden, all a suddenly
It will all would be, all would be over

Wait, come on rain on my head.
Water water!

Many, many dates how you all die.

Oh rain money,
Grow a war at heart
And in the fire,
One out of a million.

.. wait a minute,
Touch your look on me
Denial, denial
Touch your work with me
Do not deny

Rain on my head
Rain on my head
Rain on my head
Rain on my head

Nah, I'm not sure what it means either. But it has the most
piercing sound of longing...
8. This meme isn't supposed to be all about music. I just did that. For some reason.

Now I tag...

More Cows (You've Really Got to Love Your People)
Little Mary (We Do It Too)
Jan Edmiston (Church for Starving Artists)
Kate (Seeking Chivalry)
Milton (Don't Eat Alone)
Mother Laura (Junia's Daughter)
Share Cropper (23 Acres)
Aghaveagh (The Moon By Night)

Forgive me.... but it was fun!


lauraj said...

Oooh, I love finding new music! Thanks for playing along.

sharecropper said...

Sorry, Cecelia, St. Pat beat you to it. Meme already posted.

Nina said...

just tagged you for a flower meme

Edward said...

Hey, I'm a *professional* and my list didn't have any music on it. But I loved yours. Maybe we need a music meme, after we've all had a rest...