Friday, July 6, 2007

It's Always Been There

This morning, as the coffee perked merrily on the stove, and as I rinsed the luscious local strawberries for my breakfast, I heard a suite of music that stirred an ancient memory. It was the orchestral suite from Der Rosenkavalier, an opera I saw long, long ago with my then brand new husband. I knew nothing about the story, except that it is about a love triangle between the Marschallin, an older woman of allure and prestige, Octavian, a young man, and Sophie, a young woman. As in the tradition of much opera, the part of the young man is sung by a woman. When I heart it, the trio consisted of Kiri Te Kanawa as the Marschallin, Frederica Von Stade as Octavian, and a wonderful singer whose name I forget as Sophie.

The opera is long, and I know I struggled to follow it, neither speaking German nor fully understanding the plot. But near the end of the opera, the three women sing a trio, and I remember the thrill of the music, the beauty of their voices, sending electricity through my body. And I know that part of the thrill was the fact that, despite the characters being of opposite sexes, the passionate words of love were being sung by women, to women. Ultimately the trio resolves into the sweetest imaginable duet betwen Sophie and Octavian, who, of course, end up together. They sing,


I feel you and only you
and that we are together!
All else passes like a dream
before my senses


It is a dream, it cannot be real
that we two are together,
together for all time
and all eternity

Hearing this stunning music this morning brought tears of memory and gratitude to my eyes... It was always there, this dream of singing a love song to another woman. It is like a dream, to finally be resolved into the person you were meant to be, and to the relationship you were meant to have. Thank you, God.


Jan said...

Cecilia, I envy your statement:
"It is like a dream, to finally be resolved into the person you were meant to be, and to the relationship you were meant to have." I am happy for you and your beloved--may blessings abound.

Dr. Laura Marie Grimes said...

Oh, this is so beautiful...I rejoice for you and as always thank you for sharing yourself and your love with us.

Anonymous said...

Really, that's the only bit of music with transcendence in the whole opera.

May I insert a plug for GALA: Gay and Lesbian Choruses. Once you can be out safely at work, check out the local women's or mixed LGBT chorus - unless you are in NYC, the choruses are generally non-audition, and they are a load of fun. One night a week is typical rehearsal commitment.


June Butler said...

Cecilia, I rejoice with you for what you have, and wish for you much, much more.

Anonymous said...

I too am glad for you. (My definition for sin is not being the person God made us to be.)

I'm writing from vacation where we had a tour guide today who is not comfortable (yet) being who he is. All 3 of our kids picked up on it too. I'm grateful for your life and the beauty of it all --

Edward said...

Beautiful! Wonderful! Inspiring! Just like the music. You inspired me to post the music and an image I think you may like from the L.A. Opera production here.