Saturday, August 25, 2007


... for a line of severe thunderstorms to make their way through my town, to break up the humidity. It's 87 degrees here, and the sun went down hours ago.

Praying for people who are in danger from this weather.

Wondering why I can't think of anything to write about.

Loving this virtual community all the same.


LittleMary said...

thinking of you a lot lately and hoping we can connect soon.

another closeted pastor said...

We woke up to temperatures in the sixties this morning. What a relief from the triple digits of the past month. People at church had a fallish attitude too, they were perkier, more attentive, and seemed in better humor with one another. I know we are not done with heat but this little teasing taste of fall was just what I needed today

Jan said...

Thank you, Cecelia, and thank you for writing anyway.

Kate said...

Here in Colorado someone's flipped the switch and now it's fall. Let me ship you some low-humidity mid-80s you'll enjoy it.

sharecropper said...

Hot as hades here until today - just humid now. Posting anything lets us know you're okay and that's important for our community.

Anonymous said...

We had a respite but now we're baking again in Southern California. There's high pressure over the four corners. Fortunately, there are no Santa Ana winds....yet, any the coastal strip is still picking up some cooling Coastal Eddy at night. But head inland and its brutal. Fortunately, it's dry.

Looking forward to autumn. Strange to be teaching in this heat!

Too much to do, too many 12 hour days. I didn't get a real vacation this summer either, so I am "burned out" in more ways than one, and the semester is just beginning.