Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hope, Are You Out There?

Our good friend Wormwood's Doxy has a post that she'd like you to read. I recommend it to everyone else, too. It's right here.

Peace, friend. I hope you're well.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Thank you, Cecelia!

Hope, I pray for you often...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for asking...yes, I'm still here. I've been following everyone's blogs and still enjoy and draw comfort from them. Thank you for the note to check Doxy's post. I was overwhelmed by her kindness and caring. As you know, I had found some peace and understanding within this virtual community and had finally begun a blog. It was as much a form of therapy for me as a way to connect with real people who could understand my situation and provide support, prayer and friendship. Then, something bad happened physically to my husband...and this guilt so overwhelmed me. I feel responsible, that I'm being punished because in some way I had betrayed him and that it was my fault that my children could lose their father. In this wave of terror and overwhelming guilt, I deleted my blog, thinking, irrationally, of course, that this in some way purged me of my guilt. So, this is where I have been. I just wanted you to know because you, along with others, have been so kind to me and gave me something I never thought I could have...comfort and understanding. Please continue to keep me in your prayers. I think of you and this community as my ministry and fellowship. I too shall keep you in my prayers. I hope to read your blog one day and find that your day has finally come and that you are free to be who you are in this world without fear.

Hidden in Christ said...


i hope its ok to respond to Hope on your blog comment page!


welcome back girl! well, not that you ever went anywhere, but i'm glad to see you back here in blog land! and yay for God continuing to use these blogs to comfort you. i will continue to pray for you as you walk this journey!

and remember, guilt is from satan, not the Lord. there is therefore now NO condemnation for those in Christ Jesus! that's you sistah! (rom. 8:1)

keeping loving God and loving people and you will stay in the center of God's will. we're all here for you, friend. and should you ever feel the need, please blog again. we love your writing.


and for those of you who have been asking me if this is the Hope that i blog about, no, it's not the same Hope. two different Hopes. but both great!