Monday, June 30, 2008

An Amazing Year

My friend MoreCows has a brief little post saying. in essence,"Isn't 2008 shaping up to be an amazing year?" I know what she means.

There was a spirited (ahem) campaign for the Democratic ticket between a woman and an African American man. I personally would have been delighted to vote for either or both... it was a dream to me, that this was happening here in this country, for which I have fretted so in the last 8 years.

Another denomination appears to be poised on the threshold of full acceptance/ affirmation for LGBTQ persons to be ordained to all offices. (One news story said, they are replacing the requirement for chastity in singleness with a requirement to follow Christ. Oh!!! What a splendid idea!!!)))

Everybody (save some fringey diehards) seems to be in full acceptance of the reality of global warming, even if they don't agree on how to respond to it. And, in related news, the escalating price of oil has many people-- finally-- abandoning their behemoth gas guzzlers (which I have always loathed because they tend to bring out the most offensive, aggressive driving in people, not to mention the fact that they are death-traps for both their own passengers and the poor unfortunates in the other car).

And I doubt MoreCows meant this specifically, but. I am losing weight. For the first time in 20 years I feel a growing confidence that I am gaining in health every day. The new things I am doing are becoming habits. I have had a charley horse in my back for a little over a week. This coincided with my pool being closed as they make the switch to the summer schedule. Today was my first opportunity to swim again, and I lay in bed this morning telling myself I could skip it, because, after all, my back.... And I was hearing none of this. The 'me' who swims is getting stronger than the 'me' who wants to sleep longer. The 'me' who eats three weighed and measured meals is getting stronger than the 'me' who stops at the bakery and loads up on $15 worth of pastries for my own personal consumption.

Yep. 2008. Turning out to be pretty darned amazing.


Unknown said...

Good for you!

Choralgrrl said...

Giant grin at you. :-)

Fran said...


more cows than people said...

your weight loss and discipline is part of the amazement, as are all the personal developments for me. and everything else you said... totally amazing.

Jan said...

Cecilia, you're so right about this year. For me, YOU are the most amazing one of all! Good for you. You are being transformed. I am hoping I'll follow you more than in just reading your words. Thank you for sharing. I need the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Lots of transformations, indeed!

To stay the same is to die, to grow and change is to live.

BTW For those who are fans of Fr Jake, head on over to his site, because he's closing the blog. He's transforming too.


Diane M. Roth said...

hooray on all counts!

sharecropper said...

Congratulations, Cecelia. On your perspective, on the swimming you, on losing weight!!!

My doctor told me last week I was healthy - first time in my life I've heard that. He also said I needed deconditioning - translated that means that I'm fat and out of shape. But, of course, he'd never say that. LOL.

Today, I kayaked down to the curve of the creek and back - aggravated the osprey who have hatchlings. They fussed at me lots.

You're in my prayers.