Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Real Cecilia Moment

So, I was on the phone with a parent of a friend of my daughter's, trying to organize a ride for her (a 180 mile ride.... from a distant city, where she was, home, where she is now). And I was explaining to this other mom how my back is out. Again. And my ankle is still bothering me (despite the doctor relenting and injecting it as I begged him to do last Wednesday). And I was saying, man, this middle age stuff- it's like my body parts are all hitting their expiration date!

Said I. To a woman who's been on our prayer list. For something much, much worse.

God, give me perspective. And a nice big mouth to fit my size 10's into.


LittleMary said...

LOL. Sounds Like Me.

suzanne said...

Everyone does that once in a while.

Suzer said...

Oh yeah. Me, too!

Erika Baker said...

Oh I think it's lovely. It shows that you think of her as a normal person not a prayers case with an illness.

We always used to love it when people spoke freely about their health problems instead of thinking they had to be all stoic and quiet about them just because we had worse at home. After all, we're more than our frailties and it's a real relief when we realise that people still see the whole of us and don't just focus on the bits that are wrong.