Sunday, October 12, 2008

B. P. + C. P. 4-Ever, True Love Always

For my procedures on Friday I was given a cocktail of Fentanyl and Versed. A nurse described it to me in advance like this: "You know when you're sitting in front of the TV, and you're sleepy, and suddenly you wake up and realize you dozed through your favorite show? It's just like that." Not ready to consider watching my very own colonoscopy and endoscopy as my "Favorite Show," still I understood what she meant.

Last night Beloved Partner and I were having dinner at our favorite owned-by-lesbians local cool restaurant. I asked her for the five hundredth time to tell me what I said, what the doctor said, when I woke up, etc... all that is very foggy to me (I slept through it). She got a funny smile on her face and said, "You know, I didn't tell you this part."

My gastro guy is also Beloved's gastro guy. In fact, I took her for precisely these same procedures during the summer. And then, the gastro guy gave the report to me. On Friday, he gave my report to Beloved. Apparently, one of the first (intelligible) things I said to Beloved Partner was, "Did Dr. Gastro know you?" Of course, she replied. "Was he surprised to see you here?" I have no idea, she said. "Do you think he knows I'm your girlfriend?" I don't know, she said. "Well," I said, "I put your name all over my chart. I wrote B. P. + C. P. 4-Ever, True Love Always. With a heart around it."

I remember none of this. But it sure makes me smile.


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Choralgrrl said...

(delighted giggling)

Rachel said...

Love. This. heee heee hee tee heee.

--Susan said...

Pastor C,
I never thought a colonoscopy could be "sweet". This story is sweet!
I love seeing your love! Keep passing it on!

Sara said...

That's so sweet. I recently discovered your blog. My 22 year old daughter is a lesbian and really struggles with the prejudice and bigotry she encounters. She came out to us when she was around 12. It wasn't really a surprise. She does have relationship problems and you encourage me that eventually she will find some one to share her life with and who makes her happy. It does make me sad that you have to be "closeted". I would gladly attend your church but I understand what you're up against.

Kate said...

That's _adorable_.