Sunday, October 5, 2008

World Communion Sunday

Oh my. What a beautiful day it was here... cool, crisp, just enough sun, but gorgeous, glamorous clouds vying for our attention, too.

I awoke this morning a little out of sorts... stomach trouble returning because I forgot my med. Oops. That'll happen when you're feeling well. And I awoke a little anxious about the day... the worship service had lots of bells and whistles to attend to, and we had a demure little blessing of the animals in the afternoon, as well. I awoke feeling that I had not put enough effort into my sermon, and fretted about that. (I often feel that way on Communion Sundays. I realize, all of a sudden, that it is entirely to do with the fact that these sermons are shorter. I'm size-ist!) I also fretted about the Animal service... again, felt that I'd thrown it together, and let a busy week get the best of me (lots of visits this week).

Well. Things came together, beautifully. The service in the morning... I experienced worship, which doesn't always happen when I am in a leadership role. And I experienced it, in part, during the sermon (which I was preaching). I felt a holy moment. I honestly don't know if anyone else felt it. But it was there for me, and I am so grateful.

It was the kind of day when I felt... in partnership with God? Where I fell down, God held me up, and gave me the gift of worship as well.


Unknown said...

Sweet. It's a good feeling.

PamBG said...

I wonder if Americans know that not all the rest of the world has heard about 'World Communion Sunday'?

It's rather like 'The World Series'

Cecilia said...

Yikes Pam! There we go again... Thanks for the reality check.

Choralgrrl said...

I got as far as "that'll happen when you're feeling well," and had to stop and spin around in my chair for a moment.

Yippee!! 'Bout time! :-)

PamBG said...

As I read that, I sound terribly churlish.

It's wonderful when everything comes together and I'm truly pleased that you had a good one.

May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

(I'm going to end up in the US next year anyway, so I shall more than likely be celebrating World Communion Sunday with you next year.)

Cecilia said...

Pam, I know you're in the UK... I belong to the Midrash and E-Talk lists, and there are folks from the UK, Australia and New Zealand on the lists, as well as from the US and Canada. It seemed from the conversation last week that all were celebrating World Communion Sunday.

I didn't hear it as churlish... I appreciate being jolted out of my US-an mindset. We do so often think we're the center of the universe.

Pax, C.

wisdomteachesme said...

greetings CP,

reading this post reminded me of 1 Thess 2:4!
I thank God for the fruit bearing way He uses you!

continue to be well!