Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I had a medical procedure yesterday. Just to cut to the chase, all is well. I have no new problems, and some of the old have even cleared up. Rejoicing ensue! The procedure involved anesthesia, what they refer to as "twilight sedation," which has nothing to do with vampires, but instead causes drowsiness and amnesia.

It also causes impaired judgment. I was given instructions not to drive for at least 24 hours following the procedure. One nurse commented that one of the problems manifested by people who have been sedated this way is that they exhibit "overconfidence."

I need no overconfidence behind the wheel, that is for sure. I think of myself as a pretty damned good driver. I imagine with this stuff flowing through my veins I might feature my little hybrid leaping tall buildings with a single bound, or perhaps going into FTL mode. So I obediently abstained from driving for the required time.

I am late (very!) submitting my article for our next newsletter. I hesitated to write it under influence of the "overconfidence" drug. Can you imagine? Pastor Cecilia invites congregation to a drag show! Or some such thing. They should warn people not to write newsletter articles for at least 24 hours.

Other things they might mention:

No entering dance or karaoke contests.

No trying on clothes in department stores.

No applying for mortgages or credit cards.

But here's the one I really, really wish they'd mentioned:

No heart-to-heart conversations with your children. Or "candid" emails.

That would have been helpful.


suzanne said...

Oh my! Overconfidence.
My husband thought it was okay to operate the table saw after his twilight sedation. I couldn't get to the basement fast enough.

I'm happy it went well, and you're okay.

Suzer said...

Glad to hear everything is o.k.

And you are hardly the first to exhibit overconfidence in the things you mention, many even do so with no twilight sedation!

Haven't been commenting much, but I have been here reading regularly. I am always fed and inspired by what you write. :)

God_Guurrlll said...

But my mom asked me if I was gay when she was in the twilight state. I had not come out to her at the time I drove her home from her procedure. She was able to handle me saying yes. Things have been great ever since.

August said...

Gosh...no idea what precipitated this, but I am so sorry and ... I hope it all ends up OK.

Unknown said...

Oh, dear.

jsd said...

Hope all later conversations went well :)

Just me said...

I am chortling - oh how I am chortling at your precautionary advice!!!!! My friend Becca is very introverted but when she had her wisdom teeth out and I escorted her home - she opened up in a BIG way - it was refreshing but disturbing. So not only do users need further safety warnings, so do escorters of temporarily uninhibited fellows!!