Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ow: Shameless Bid for Sympathy Alert

Warning: boring post filled with too much information.

My back is out.

Here's how it happened.

I have these really awesome clogs, sort of "prescribed" for me as a result of some issues I've had with my feet.

I under pronate. Do you know what that means? It means, the way my foot hits the ground, my shoes tend to wear on the outside.

So, my awesome clogs wear on the outside. For about a month, I've been thinking, Hmmmm, better get some new clogs. These are worn on the outside!

Fast forward to last Saturday. I am wearing my clogs, carrying a big pot of chili to a church supper. (We watched "Up!" "I've been hiding under your porch because I love you!") It's a little slippery out. I under pronate, and I twist my ankle.

By Sunday morning my ankle really hurts, but I know nothing's torn or anything-- it's not swelling, I can put weight on it. So I take some (ineffectual) meds, the kind you can take when you have colitis and an ulcer, and plan to ride it out.

Tuesday. My back starts to feel funny. I've been favoring my right ankle, so my back ends up going badly out of alignment.

I'm toughing it out. Yesterday I tried to lie down on the couch in my office, but I realized I needed a different book (I'm trying to prepare for my sermon). I tried to get up, and then I went into such a spasm I thought, Oh my Baby Jesus, lying in his Graco playpen and chewing his little divine/human toes, do I need to call an ambulance???

I managed to get up. And home. Where I lay on the couch until Beloved brought me dinner. I groused and complained and generally made a nuisance of myself until she said, GO TO THE DOCTOR.

So. Today I will do that. And, hopefully, write a sermon. And, hopefully, get ready for a retreat I'm helping to lead tomorrow into Saturday.

::Sigh:: I mean, Ow.


jsd said...

Hope your back recovers quickly!!

August said...

sympathy granted! that sounds horrible!!!

klady said...

Sympathy here! I hope it mends well and easily.

If you have any long-term serious problems and you want info about the best doctors in our area, I'd be happy to check with a friend who has struggled with back problems since she had a car accident (a snowplow hit her car) a number of years ago. She finally has gotten some surgery that has helped after years of misdiagnosis. She's a nurse by training and spouse of a doctor yet she had to do a lot of research on her own, was very stubborn and persistent, and saw doctors not only locally (not much help) but beyond. If you want more info, email me (I think there's a link through my website) or get my email from sharecropper.

Rev. Dr. Laura Marie Grimes said...

Sympathy on the way, prayers too, hope it all resolves quickly and the retreat is a blessing and not a burden.

Josephine- said...

Much, much sympathy. I once put my back out leaning over sideways to pick up something out of a drawer. Ugh.

I do the same thing with my shoes and my poor ankles have days they can't take it. I've found a good solid pair of boots I can lace up tight (I use English riding boots that are also cute enough to wear with slacks) solves the issue. Gives me support and saves me ankles AND back.

SCG said...

Prayers and sympathy. Besides the doctor, what else have you tried? (asks the licensed massage therapist). You might look into chiropractic care. And if there is one in your area that does DNFT (directional non-force technique) it might be gentle and effective treatment. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

sympathy and prayers and a gentle hug to you.

Choralgrrl said...

Oh, honey. That happened to me once, too. There were some definitely powerful pain meds involved in the very short term, and a goon chiropractor in the long term. Helped. A lot.

Prayers and sympathy for you, in large doses. (((Cecilia)))

MaineCelt said...

Healing blessings for you...and, by the way, I don't suppose you wear size nines, do you? If yes, I would be happy to provide a new home to some of your old shoes. My feet tend to roll inward. I had a college room-mate that had the same walking pattern as you, and her "worn out" hiking boots were the best "orthopedic" shoes I ever had!