Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Lent 3: 40

I said to a friend recently that one of the things I most value about F@ceb00k is the fact that it has become a kind of news aggregator for me. My friend share things they find interesting, and because they are my friends, often I find those very same things interesting too.

Not Farmville or Mafia Wars.

Other things.

Like this splendid and modest little video, which is startlingly powerful.

Lenten blessings.


Unknown said...

Same for me, and I love this video. Thanks for posting it.

asmac said...

I used it this morning as the gospel reading. It played while I read the text at the appropriate scenes.

Is there a way to email you? I'd like to be invited to your other blog. I have changed my email since I was on a while back, and can't get on again.

asmac said...

I used the video with the gospel reading this morning. I read the text with the appropriate scenes. It was good.

I'd like to be in touch re the other blog to which one must be invited.