Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grace, Or, Figuring It Out

I am so grateful to have all your lovely and supportive comments.

But I am also sort of... ambivalent about the last two posts.

I do not, in any way, intend to convey that I have "figured it out." This is such an incredibly complex matter, and so intensely personal, and, frankly... sometimes the attitudes of "saved" 12-steppers sticks in my craw just a little bit.

Interesting metaphor for a woman with food issues, no?

What I want to say is, I'm living by grace... it doesn't feel at all that this has been my doing, that I get or deserve kudos... though, natch, I love it when I do.

Every day is a gift. Let's just leave it there.


Jane R said...

I don't think we see you as having "figured it out" -- just sharing a wonderful unfolding. It took courage and faith to get where you are --one day at a time-- and there is more road ahead. We're just happy for you :-), and with you.

aka The Swandive said...

Definitely not "figured out" - just a brave and honest reflection, and one that gives hope to someone who is hope-deprived/a wee bit shakey that she could be so brave.

sharecropper said...

In my circle we say that the person who got up the earliest has the most sobriety. And, if we had it all figured out, we'd never go to another meeting because we'd be god. You are doing a wonderful job of accepting yourself and gaining joy. I praise you for your work and your ability to "once again" (sure you did that when you were ordained) let God run your life. Having friends like you is on my gratitude list.

Jan said...

Not figured out, but working on it. Since I went to this enneagram workshop last week, I am realizing how I just have to keep trying to be aware and surrendering to God. You're doing that. Thank you.

Kate said...

What I read, what I heard, is a dear friend who's spent the last year finding her way -- and I rejoice in that.

So it's cool, hun. It's cool.