Thursday, January 22, 2009


Perhaps I should have said "suggested" blockages. The stress test suggested the presence of blockages. I am grateful beyond expression to tell you that the stress test was wrong.

Beloved was wheeled out of the holding area at 11:35. At 12:25 her cardiologist was explaining to me and to one of her best friends that she does not, in fact, have any blockages. What she has is an artery that goes into spasm. There's an article all about it here.

The attitude of the doctor when he was talking to us was "No biggie." He was very pleased that there are no blockages, and felt that it could be easily treated with medication. I see by my further reading that it is not exactly "nothing to be concerned about." It can still starve the heart of oxygen and cause muscle death (i.e., heart attack). But... this is still a better diagnosis, it seems to me.

Anyway, Beloved and I are greatly relieved, and happy, and... relieved.

Thank you for your prayers. This community lifts me up.


August said...

yay! thanks for letting us know.

Jane R said...


I got here just now so I missed the announcement that there was a heart fear. I am so glad that the situation is more manageable than you previously thought. Love and prayers to you and Beloved, and take very good care of yourselves. (I know you already take good care of each other :-).)

Sophia said...

Yayy! Thanks Godde!

PamBG said...

Thanks be to God! :-)

LittleMary said...

love you. And B.

Songbird said...

Thanks be to God!