Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank You Notes

Thank you. As ever, you my friends are filled with wisdom and kindness and just the kinds of words of support a girl needs when things are rough.

To answer the most recent question (by Processing Counselor), the therapist agreed to see me, and we have an appointment soon. I was surprised at how quickly that happened, but I told him my situation (X years post separation/ divorce, stuff's coming up, I'd like more peace/ resolution) and he seemed cool with that.

Arkansas Hillbilly, I understand the nicotine addiction rivals cocaine for its intensity, so I am filled with admiration for your having kicked it.

Klady, your words about baptism moved me... and, yes, I took great comfort this week in the words I preached to my congregation about the opportunities for fresh starts being ever before us. Amen! Blessings in your efforts to grow in health.

Suzer, you and I are at similar points on the journey (though you have more abstinence than I do today). It's an old, old and ingrained habit, using food to manage emotional highs and lows. I hope to build other habits that eventually become stronger. But forty years of coping in one way will give a certain strength to certain behaviors.

Sarah, Lying Little Mind says "ok." Meekly. And thanks you. (You made me guffaw in my office!)

Thanks August. This community is amazing. And, apparently, this is what my blog is for as well!

Jennifer: noted. That's something that's hard for most addicts... we're either the lowest worm that ever crawled the earth, or the most grandiose piece of puffery in existence. 12-steppers (of all stripes) are always striving to be "right sized", a term that takes on all sorts of extra significance for food addicts, but which means having the proper perspective on where we fit in the universe.

Jan, to my embarrassment: I know Merton only through the quotes of friends like you. What should I read first? That's a wonderful and reassuring idea for all spiritual pilgrims.

LittleMary, all I have is today. And the love of people like you, thank Godde.

Jane R, yes, yes, yes!! One minute at a time, sometimes. But thank Godde for those minutes... they can save your life. And yes, it is hard to share the good news. There is a feeling of immediate pressure. Years ago, I lost a lot of weight (not this much), and the next time I was at a family gathering, not one but two of my loved ones said, "Now KEEP it off!" I showed them.

Songbird, thank you. Your reflections on the epistle really, really spoke to me, right where I am.

Sophia, thanks. Your love and prayers mean so much to me.

All of you... what can I say? On to day 3.


August said...

cheers for day 3!!!

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Cecilia--I have been so behind on my blog reading lately (in part due to too much time on Facebook!), so I missed commenting on your earlier post.

I just wanted you to know that I'm praying for you. I have learned the hard way that all of life is one day at a time, and today is a new day. And thanks be to God for that!

Much love,

Sophia said...

You're so welcome, dear one.

Please pray for me as I struggle with fidelity to daily prayer time....I know I'm not as happy when I skip it, not to mention it's a crucial base for work companioning others on the spiritual journey....And, in an interesting connection, I tend to eat compulsively when I'm avoiding that intimate time with God. Yet I so often do.

Songbird said...


Sarah S-D said...

hooray for day 3!

you're very, very welcome. i almost deleted the comment that made you guffaw. glad i didn't! laughter is good stuff.

love you.

Jan said...

Thank you, dear Cecilia.

Thomas Merton books--don't read his journals for a long while. I'd say, start with "New Seeds of Contemplation." Another favorite is "Thoughts in Solitude."

Jan said...

BTW, if you have never read "Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer" by David Steindl-Rast, I urge you to do so.